The Reversi/Othello board game in the terminal.

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rvrs is an ncurses version of the great board game Reversi (also known as Othello). It runs in your terminal, is simple and is written in C.


To compile rvrs, you will need ncurses and its header files. If you don't have them, search for 'ncurses' with your package manager. In addition to the normal packages there will be ones ending in '-dev' or '-devel'; you'll need to install those to get the headers. For example, on Debian you need to install libncursesw5 and libncursesw5-dev.

git clone https://gitla.in/chibi/rvrs
cd rvrs
# $EDITOR Makefile - change installation location
sudo make install


  • Tighten up code (<=500 lines is the goal!)
  • Move history (box showing previous moves)

Open an issue if you would like a feature, including one of the above.